Small Business Planning & efficiency

An essential part of success in business depends on Small Business Planning and Efficiency. That involves having a plan, reviewing it, and becoming more efficient.

Did you know the target is to achieve a 5-10% gain in net profit?

"The Profit Doctor" is a small business planning consultant with a multi-national business background. He specialises in Improving the performance of businesses. If you want improved profits, he will improve sales, reduce costs, and boost profit by improving the way you do things. The result :

- A monthly plan for success and control methods.
- Thorough line by line cost examination.
- Finds better ways to do each task.
- Shows you how to plan and check results.
- Examines your competition.

We improve efficiency and expand income.

Cutting staff can make a difference to your profit today; but the long-term impact is you have insufficient staff and no time to train replacements!

Balancing profit against longer-term benefits is essential and "The Profit Doctor" will help you to achieve this balance. Whatever business you are in, "The Profit Doctor" will ensure you have a plan to operate at maximum efficiency. We’ll improve efficiency in areas that might be flat-Lining your company.

These may include:

- what you do, and why
- who does what, and why
- how it’s done
- how we can achieve a 5-10% increase in gross profit.


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Achieve Higher Profits

By enhancing sales, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency, “The Profit Doctor” can help you achieve higher profits. With a focus on monthly planning, meticulous cost examination, process improvement, performance tracking, and competitive analysis, “The Profit Doctor” ensures your business operates at maximum efficiency.

Balancing short-term profit gains with long-term benefits is key, and “The Profit Doctor” guides you in finding that equilibrium. Don’t let inefficiencies hold your company back; let “The Profit Doctor” diagnose and prescribe strategies to increase your gross profit.

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Case Study

Actual result:

  • A one day visit to a medical practice in Ballina discovered over $30,000 in annual savings, at a cost of a little over $600. 

Services available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers. Fees start from $110 an hour, plus a travel fee dependent upon location. Usually a few hundred dollars gets the job done. Fees are fully tax-deductible.

“The Profit Doctor” – Small Business Planning for Success with professional advice at the right price!

Call “The Profit Doctor” on 0419 986 362 NOW!


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