Is your Business costing more than you think?

Do you know how much your business really costs you? Have you cut costs, improved efficiency and increased profits? Is your company growth keeping up with the competition?

"The Profit Doctor" takes into account your overall costs, so that you will know the REAL, not apparent, gross profit margin you are making. Not doing so means that you may well end up selling a product or service for less than you should!

With multi-national business experience, "The Profit Doctor" deals in reality, not theory. A business performance review will quickly establish whether your business is costing you more than you think.

"The Profit Doctor" is a business consultant and coach specialising in improving the performance of small to medium companies. If you want to know “is your Business costing you more than you think?” then a business performance review will help work out how to cut costs, improve the way you do things, and look for new business opportunities.

The result:

- Examines the overall costs of your business.
- Greatly improved operating expense control.
- Elimination of items that are not productive.
- Thorough line by line cost examination.
- Easily implemented solutions.
- Looks at marketing and brand Image revival.
- Shows you how to make a business plan and check results.
- Examines your costs compared to the competition.

Whatever Business you’re in, retail, sales, wholesale, marketing, accounting. law, distribution, trucking, professional, personal - "The Profit Doctor" will ensure you operate at maximum efficiency to skyrocket profits.


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Professional Business Analysis

In this analysis, we will focus on enhancing efficiency in areas that may be adversely affecting your company’s performance, such as accurately determining the total cost of producing your end product or service and implementing effective procedures to assess your current costs.

We’ll look at improving efficiency in areas that might be flat-Lining your company. These may include:

  • Actual total cost of producing the end product or service that your provide.
  • A total costing method needs to be employed.
  • Procedures can ensure we can work out what your real costs are at the moment. 


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Discover Your True Profit Margin

If you don’t know what your total costs are, it is impossible to accurately know your how much you personally earn or the true gross profit margin!

Many businesses have gone beyond cardiac resuscitation point and gone into receivership, wondering why and how!

Don’t let this happen to you! If you are starting a new business, get it looked at before you start, not after you’ve lost hundreds of thousands and months of time! 


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