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Finding and Keeping Customers  ~   Small Business Planning.  Customers are the life-blood of any small business. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business or service. 

Finding and Keeping Customers ~ “The Profit Doctor” can put in place procedural systems to keep the ones you have, and add to them with new customers. This will boost sales. Let’s improve your Small Business Planning performance in this key issue. Remember that ONE unhappy customer will usually tell ELEVEN others. Discover how to avoid this mistake with a “Business Performance Review”…With Fees from just $110 an hour it is Professional Advice at the Right Price.Finding and Keeping Customers ~ Small Business Coach Brisbane


Finding and Keeping Customers ~ Small Business Planning : There’s an old saying “The Customer is always right”. However there are limits. You can replace customers if essential, but it is harder to replace reliable, long-term staff. The cost of replacement is also high. “The Profit Doctor” is a skilled negotiator and may be able to intercede on your behalf in these areas. Saving one major Client or good customer could mean the difference between keeping your Small Business afloat, or sinking!

“The Profit Doctor”  is experienced in excellent Customer Relationships. If you want to ensure that you Find and Keep Customers, then you may benefit from this external review. The result :

  • Looks at the way the customer database is maintained Finding and Keeping Customers ~ Small Business Coach Brisbane
  • Ensures that Customer Satisfaction and Contact Procedures are prioritised
  • Review Marketing and “Brand Image” revival to ensure Customers recognise it instantly.
  • Shows you how to make sure that your customers are happy with your service!
  • Examines your competition and how they are approaching customers

 Whatever business you are in ~ Retail ~ Trades Person ~ Sales ~Wholesale ~ Marketing ~Accounting ~ Law ~Distribution ~ Trucking ~  Personal Business ~ “The Profit Doctor”  will check:

  • Customer Data Base
  • Contact FrequencyFinding and Keeping Customers ~ Small Business Coach Brisbane
  • Marketing Media
  • Image and Targeting effectiveness
  • Customer Satisfaction  Level
  • Random Customer contact


Repeat business is worth its weight in gold. One good referral is often overwhelmed by negative comments; how often do you hear someone say “I had a rotten experience with them”? 7 out of 10 people who complain will  stay with you if you resolve the problem to their satisfaction. So by keeping in touch with customers, you are going to be more likely to keep them. In several instances, Customers have been approached by The Profit Doctor to gather information, which has proved invaluable.

To Boost your Sales, you can offer a greater range of products or services, expand your customer base, or both. How can you best achieve this outcome?Finding and Keeping Customers ~ Small Business Coach Brisbane “The Profit Doctor” is an Award-Winning Expert in Marketing, and targeting the correct market is essential. There may be untapped customers who, given the right type of approach, will see value in dealing with your business as opposed to a competitor. The right attitude from your Staff is an integral part of this process.

Services available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers. Fees start from $110 an hour, plus a travel fee dependent upon location. Usually a few hundred dollars gets the job done. Fees are fully tax-deductible. When Staff issues are involved, a special rate will be agreed.

“The Profit Doctor”  ~   Small Business Planning

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Finding and Keeping Customers ~ Small Business Coach Brisbane



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