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Qualifications ~ “The Profit Doctor”

Queen Mary College introduced new subjects designed to help Graduates actually be of use to Business! Consequently, "The Profit Doctor" was able to achieve huge savings for companies, as detailed in a Business Profile.

Qualifications ~ “The Profit Doctor”  ~  The Bachelor of Science Economics Degree from Queen Mary College, London University, Qualifications ~ "The Profit Doctor"undertook new ground. It enabled students to study Applied Economics, as well as Economic Geography, better known as “Time-distance” studies.  Real-life scenarios were studied as they might affect Businesses. So the historical side of the course was largely ignored in favour of practical, useful sections which would benefit businesses directly. This qualification is widely regarded as one of the better courses available. Students graduated with an idea about business not just Keynesian theory!
  • Economic geography essentially undertook studies to see how location could be varied to take into account where a business could best locate it head office, and then peripheral sites and the supply depots.
  • Applied Economics was literally that ~ applying Economics to situations that might be found in Business.Qualifications ~ "The Profit Doctor"

Previous studies were in English Language and literature, Geography, Maths, Economics and French. The knowledge gained was put to good use later on in industry. He specialised in  analysing businesses at a multi-national level. The studies subsequently allowed implementation of major projects, profit and loss control, planning and analysis, and success in a variety of different working environments.

An ability to quickly discover areas for improvement, and on which to prioritize, shows results from Satisfied Clients. One business saved over $30,000  from  the initial meeting, at a cost of around $600. “The Profit Doctor” won two prestigious Annual Awards for Marketing, so that your company can be assured of astute, targeted Marketing, social media and “Brand Image” revival if necessary. 

Fees commence from $80 an hour. A brief Obligation-free Consultation is available to suitable applicants in the Brisbane, Gold Coast  and Northern N.S.W. areas.

“The Profit Doctor”  ~  Business Consultant and Analyst

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