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THE ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’  aa wine mice

Do you ever get one of those annoying calls at night, just as you’re about to have your meal?

Well the same thing happens frequently during the day. Your approach to people can actually lose you business before you even start. Today, awaiting a ‘phone call from the hospital, an SEO company launched into a verbal attack. Three attempts to interrupt failed. I pressed “END CALL”. I was not going to listen for 10 minutes when my wife was in hospital.

Had the man asked “Is it convenient to talk now?” things might have been different. Often, the call might be of interest but perhaps you’re in a meeting or have a client with you. It is not a good time to take the call. You would like to talk to them but later.

Too often you never get the chance. Another aspect is that it is common business sense to ask people who call for their name, ask them to spell it if uncertain (nothing worse than sending the wrong name), and also their Email address. Let them know that you will send them a brief introductory email and make sure you follow through at your lunch-time or afternoon email-handling session. I had two instances on behalf of a client where two companies gave out endless information and didn’t ask for my ‘phone or email address! Two missed opportunities from an incoming call from an interested party. Not good.

 So these couple of points can REALLY make a difference. Try it and see for yourself. And think how YOU feel when you are trying to have dinner and the ‘phone rings!!!               

Author: Alan Hider

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