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Planning for Success is essential if you want to Boost Sales, Slash Costs and Skyrocket Profit.  
Failure to make, use and monitor an Operating Plan is a major cause of business failure. Your business will improve immediately  by having a “Business Performance Review” and making a Business Plan if you do not have one.  Success without a business plan is rare. Going Bankrupt is common. Fees start at $80 an hour so you get Professional Advice at the Right Price.
                                                              Failure to get a Professional Diagnosis can result in Business Heart Failure with no hope of resuscitation!  More than a quarter of businesses fail within the first two years, often due to poor planning.
                                                                        Is your Business costing you more than you think?

“The Profit Doctor” is a Business Consultant and Coach with multi-national company experience. He specialises in Improving the Performance of Business. A “Business Performance  Review” will slash costs, improve efficiency, and boost sales.

Planning for success – “The Profit Doctor”  can ensure your Business Plan will Boost Sales. You need to keep a check on the Cost Pulse of Your Business. You’ll have a Lean, Mean Operation and Healthy “Bottom Line”.  The results:

  • Provides a “Business Plan for Success” Planning for Success
  • Planning gives a sense of direction and  cost control 
  • Looks at Marketing and Brand Image revival
  • Shows you how to check real results against the plan;
Case histories: 
One business where $30,000 p.a. has been identified in savings at a cost of $600.
An owner spent most of his time on non-productive issues. A change saw a huge alteration in attitude and results.
A Business Owner paying staff $50,000 a year was working for just $20 an hour. Now he’s on track for $110.

Whatever business you’re in, “The Profit Doctor”  will help you in areas such as ~

  • General Cost reviews, either fixed or variablePlanning for Success    
  • Profit and Loss results; Debtor control, Days outstanding
  • Expansion Plans, Staff Levels and utilization
  • Motor vehicle fleet management, Route planning for tradespeople ~ cuts time and cost

A young lady started off a business, found she didn’t have the right permit, the cost would be around $30,000 so she shut down.  Result? Five lost jobs and lots of heartbreak. If you are starting a New Business, discuss it BEFORE you launch it, not after! There’s an old saying that “If you fail to Plan, you plan to fail”!

Services available in BRISBANE, the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, and Byron Bay, for suitable prospective Clients. Fees start from $80 an hour, and usually a few hundred dollars does the job. Fees start from $80 per hour fully tax-deductible. Most cases take just a few hours. 

“The Profit Doctor”  ~  Business Consultant and Analyst

“Professional Advice ~ At the Right Price…”

           YOUR BUSINESS CAN PLAN FOR SUCCESS! planning for success


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