Small Business Consultant Service ~ Discuss Planning for Success

Small Business Consultant ~ Discuss Planning for Success

Is Your Business ‘Flat-Lining?’. Then Plan for Success to Boost your business! 
  • Want to Slash costs?
  • Increase Efficiency in the company?
  • Improve Profit Margins?

My job is to help you make or revise a plan, then monitor it to increase sales, slash costs and skyrocket your profit. 

The result :
  • Makes a “Business Plan for Success” with Revenue and Cost Controls  Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 2.13.16 PM                                                                                                                                        
  • Thorough line by line cost examination 
  • Solutions that immediately boost your sales
  • Shows you how to check results against what you planned 
  • Examines your competition to make sure you are staying ahead
We’ll improve Efficiency in areas that might be “Flat-Lining” your company.Is your Business costing you more than you think?
These may include:
  • Sales Projections ~ are they realistic?  Cost Estimates  ~ is there control and  planning in this area?
    Business Planning and Efficiency
  • Debt Control  ~ why pay the fees on someone else’s debt?
  • Personnel Numbers ~ do you have enough, or too many people?
  • Inventory levels ~ a major cost if too high
  • Expansion Plans ~ Often New Businesses also grow quickly, then falter due to not planning properly for expansion, and fail as a result.   
Services available in BRISBANE, the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, and Byron Bay, for suitable prospective Clients. Fees start from $80 an hour, and usually a few hundred dollars does the job. Fees start from $80 per hour fully tax-deductible. Most cases take just a few hours. 

“The Profit Doctor”  ~  Business Consultant and AnalystSmall Business Consultant Service ~ Discuss Planning for Success

“Professional Advice ~ At the right Price….”

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