Business Location Suitability Gold Coast

Business Location Suitability

  • Is your small business in the best location it could be in? 
  • Are there premises that could have a more effective Business Location Suitability?

Being located in a cheaper location that is further away may be a more effective use of your funds. A “Business Performance Review” by “The Profit Doctor” on a time-distance basis will show us the answer! “The Profit Doctor” has successfully done this study for major companies, saving around $100,000 a year in operating costs. If your business has ‘Flat-Lined’ it may be time to act now!

The Profit Doctor ~

Despite the tough economic climate for many businesses, and retail in particular, shopping centres in some cases double the rent. We know one shop owner simply closed the doors; he said “I’ve got to get a lot through the doors to even take $5,000 a week, let alone make money on top of it”

Depending on the type of business you are in, it may well be possible to re-locate your business without losing many customers, whilst attracting new ones. In one recent case, the Business Owner  moved to a home operation, and profit increased! Business Location Suitability can play a vital role.

business location suitability

A “Business Location Suitability” Review will cut costs, improve the way you do things, and look for new business opportunities.

The result :

  • Provides a more cost-effective location potentialbusiness location suitabiity
  • Examine your location, and see if another might be more suitable
  • Determine the costs involved in moving, and costs saved
  • Easily implemented solutions
  • Looks at Marketing and “Brand Image” revival
  • Shows you how to plan and check results for your business to ensure profitability
  • Examines your competition in the new location

“Time-distance” studies examine alternative locations using specialised planning methods; it is a skilled operation. The long-term benefits are immense. By looking at an alternative site, you can compare costs and revenue against your present site, and decide which is the better option. Also, rental costs are usually cheaper the further out you go, but a site with M1 exposure might benefit you more. “The Profit Doctor” has successfully done this study for major companies, saving around $100,000 a year in operating costs by locating in Melbourne not Sydney. 

Where you are now may be fine; it doesn’t hurt to examine alternatives, though!

Services available in BRISBANE, the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, and Byron Bay, for suitable prospective Clients. Fees start from $80 an hour, and usually a few hundred dollars does the job. Fees start from $80 per hour fully tax-deductible. Most cases take just a few hours.

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