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Don’t Despair over your business….

When things in your small business don’t seem to be going too well, Don’t Despair over your business…. Despair is a natural human reaction, so don’t feel alone. You have found an answer with “The Profit Doctor”!

“The Profit Doctor” is a Business Consultant who has worked with or saved companies in the past. He specialises in Improving the Performance of small to medium companies. Frequently, it is quite simple tings that ca be changed that will radically alter the profitability of the business. If you want to survive and improve, a “Business Performance Review” will start the road to recovery. The result :

Don't Despair over your business....

  • Gives you a sense of hope, optimism and relief
  • Provides a monthly “Plan for Success” and Plan for Improvement
  • Easily implemented solutions
  • Shows you how to plan and check results
  • Examines your competition


“The Profit Doctor” took one business from a loss-making operation for the previous 10 months into a Profit-making position within a matter of months; he can do the same for your business! So Don’t Despair over your business! We can almost certainly get you back into a profit position!

Whatever business you run: Retail ~ Accounting ~ Legal ~ Trades People ~ Wholesale ~ Marketing ~ Distribution ~ Trucking ~ Professional ~ Personal Business ~Sales ~ “The Profit Doctor”  will ensure your operation is streamlined to become Lean, Mean and Efficient and get your “Bottom Line” looking sensational!”

Services available in BRISBANE, the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, and Byron Bay, for suitable prospective Clients. Fees start from $80 an hour, and usually a few hundred dollars does the job. Fees start from $80 per hour fully tax-deductible. Most cases take just a few hours. 

“The Profit Doctor”  ~  Business Consultant and Analyst

“Professional Advice ~ At the right Price….”

Don't Despair over your business....

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