and Increase Small Business Profit

Increase Small Business Profit: I don’t know you yet…. however my experience tells me a lot about you. 
  • You’re keen to run your own show; not work for someone else.
  • You already stand above the rest of the crowd just for doing that.
To keep afloat and stay ahead of the competition, review is essential, yet the facts show many go bankrupt though lack of planning and cost over-runs.
I have in the past been stifled by fear and almost lost the family home ~ so I do know a bit about you. I know how bad you can feel, how helpless, and how lost. Maybe you say to yourself  “I’ve always done it this way and it has worked”  but times change and you may need to as well! My Unique Blend of Knowledge and Experience will help you overcome problems fast.
Many who read this will not call; Pride will stand in the way of improvement. With Fees from just $80 an hour it is Professional Advice at the Right Price. Do you have the courage to make a call?
“The Profit Doctor” is a Business Consultant and coach with Multi-National Business Experience. He specialises in Improving the Performance of small to medium companies. A Business Overview will find new opportunities. The result :
  • Provides a monthly “Plan for Success”
  • Boosts sales by reducing costs and improving efficiency.Bdo i need the profit doctor?
  • Thorough cost examination
  • Marketing and Brand Image revival
  • Shows you how to plan and check results
  • Examines your competition
“The Profit Doctor” will improve Efficiency in areas that might be “Flat-Lining” your company.  Is your Business costing you more than you think?
These may include:
Increase Small Business Profit: I don't know you yet....
  • Profit and loss items that look unusual
  • Revenue and operating costs, and how to improve them
  • How to improve the efficiency of your business
  • Motor vehicle numbers and route planning; useful for ‘Tradies’
  • Review your business plan, or help you make one
There are proven results on the board. Help is at hand ~ just call me for a brief talk.
When you can’t change the Direction of  The Wind ~ You can Adjust your Sails”  to maximize the benefits of the prevailing wind!
Services available in BRISBANE, the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, and Byron Bay, for suitable prospective Clients. Fees start from $80 an hour, and usually a few hundred dollars does the job. Fees start from $80 per hour fully tax-deductible. Most cases take just a few hours.  The thing is, can you afford not to get your business looked at? 

“The Profit Doctor”  ~  Business Consultant and AnalystDo I need The Profit doctor ?

“Professional Advice ~ At the right Price….” 

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