PRIVACY POLICY AND P.P.S. REGISTER ~ What is it, and how do you PROTECT YOURSELF against Debtors who go broke?

PRIVACY POLICY AND PERSONAL PROPERTY REGISTER ~P.P.S.R. Information – The Profit Doctor and Penny Power in partnership.

The “Privacy Act”  is not optional for many businesses; if someone complains about your business, there can be severe repercussions if you have not got it right. “Penny Power” in conjunction with “The Profit Doctor” can provide assistance in this matter. Failing to get it right could cost your Business a bucket load of money!


P.P.S.R. is the acronym for “Personal Property Securities Register”.  This was set up a couple of years ago and its impact seems unknown to many Business Owners. It means that there are certain steps t.hat need to be taken to write in your “Terms of Trade” correctly, and to Register your company and the Debtors that you may have to secure your company on the PPSR. For an obligation-free 15 minute FREE appraisal of your liability under this Federal Legislation, call Mike on 1300 806 403

P.P.S.R. Information - The Profit Doctor

DID YOU KNOW that if you are not Registered Properly, and haven’t properly registered your interest in a Debtor’s company, that you may receive nothing if it goes bankrupt? Even if the equipment or materials have not been paid for? WORSE STILL ~ if you were paid within the 6 months prior to a bankruptcy, and are not registered, the payment could be reclaimed by the Administrator.  One LANDMARK case last September involved Spiers Earthworks P/l. They involved motor vehicles and trailers. Because apparently the company failed to correctly Register them, even after a Supreme Court appeal they lost their equipment valued at $140,000. Worse still their own costs and the Prosecution Costs were awarded against them too!

  P.P.S.R. Information - The Profit Doctor

In partnership with “Penny Power”, “The Profit Doctor” can assist your company to ensure that your Privacy Policy Manual complies with the Act. Also that you are Registered correctly on this Government site. It is possible to do it yourself, however it is a bit like anything to do with government forms and Medicare. Unless you are familiar with it, the time taken costs more  the cost of having someone familiar with it do it for you.

P.P.S.R. Information - The Profit Doctor

Don’t risk it!  Get people who can help you to come and see you. Make sure you don’t go down the drain with a Destitute Debtor!

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