How you can Plan for Success Gold Coast, Brisbane

Find Out How you can Plan for Success

Plan for Success; Build a Plan to Cut Costs, Improve Efficiency and Increase Profits; business coaching may be needed. A “Business Review” Package on Your Business will get results fast! Find Out How you can Plan for Success

It isn’t ‘What’ you do, it’s ‘How’ you do it! One in 5 businesses went broke in Australia last year in the under $50,000 turnover range, largely due to poor planning and insufficient management strategies. Don’t become another statistic! Call now for immediate assistance! 0419 986 362

“The Profit Doctor” has expertise in many fields, backed up by “hands-on” experience in the real world. He deals in reality, not theory, and can assist any type of business; One business where $30,000 minimum has already been identified in savings; another where a Business Owner paying staff $50,000 a year was working for $19.38 Per  Hour; he’s aiming higher now! The Fee Structure is low, starting at $60 per hour fully tax-deductible. Usually a few hundred dollars does the job. YOUR BUSINESS CAN PLAN FOR SUCCESS NOW! 

Plan for Success; if you want to succeed, Plan for Success. Get an experienced Business Consultant, Coach and ‘Problem-Solver’ experienced in International Companies. We’ll look at your Business and eradicate problems fast. Plan how to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase Profits.  “The Profit Doctor”  deals in reality, not theory, and no matter how big or small your company or type of business, help is at hand for you!  It isn’t “What” you do; it’s “How” you do it that matters! The cost of using the “Business Review” Service starts from just $60 per hour, but the improvement in your “Bottom Line” can be  significant.Find Out How you can Plan for Success

Making a business plan is essential, if you want to ensure the survival and increased growth of your company. Knowing how you can improve your business is what makes the difference between surviving or actually improving your market share. If the market is growing at 25% and you are growing at 10%, then something is wrong. Planning for Success can be achieved relatively easily, sometimes in a few hours. The following Reference Letter was sent by  a United Petrol Station Owner;  it proves that even in an intense and time-restricted scenario, considerable improvements can be achieved:

Find Out How you can Plan for Success

“The Profit Doctor” specialises in Improving the Performance of small to medium companies with 2-50 personnel. If you are looking for improved Profits, a solution will help work out how to cut costs, improve the way you do things, and look for new business opportunities. The result : 

  • Provides a monthly “Plan for Success”    Find Out How you can Plan for Success
  • Thorough line by line cost examination
  • Easily implemented solutions
  • Looks at Marketing and Brand Image revival
  • Shows you how to plan and check results
  • Examines your competition

No matter what size or type of business you run: Retail ~ Wholesale ~ Marketing ~ Sales ~ Distribution ~Trucking ~ Professional ~ Fleet Operations ~ Personal Business ~ Legal-Medical  Profession ~ “The Profit Doctor”  will ensure you are operating at maximum efficiency, in order to increase Profits.  We’ll look at improving Efficiency in areas that might be “Flat-Lining” your company. These may include:

  • Profit and loss statementsFind Out How you can Plan for Success
  • Revenue and operating costs in detail
  • How to improve the efficiency of what you are doing
  • Staffing levels, operations, and motivation
  • Motor vehicle numbers and route planning
  • Review your business plan, or help you make one

and the result will be a new and exciting phase of the life of your Small Business that will exceed your expectations!

There needs to be a Business Plan to begin with. Only around 2 companies in every 10 have one, thus many go brokePlanning for Success is an essential item, and it is the Measure against which we can review actual results. You will be amazed before we are half-way through how much money you can make.

An OBLIGATION-FREE Initial One Hour Consultation with “The Profit Doctor” applies to BRISBANE, the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, and Byron Bay to suitable potential clients.  Fees start at $60 an hour; ; a few hundred dollars may be all that is standing between success and failure. So, you’ll get savings at a low cost with a quick pay-back!  If you want a discussion first, call (07) 55 34 1298 or 0419 986 362

“The Profit Doctor”  ~  Business Consultant and AnalystFind Out How you can Plan for Success

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