Planning For SuccessPlanning For Successlearn more

Failing to make, use and monitor a Business Plan is a major cause of business failure. Your business needs to have a “Business Performance Review” on a regular basis.

Discuss Business Planning for SuccessDiscuss Business Planning for Successlearn more

A major issue is to make a plan that will work for you and your business. As “The Profit Doctor” is not emotionally involved with your business, items will be identified to improve efficiency. 

Is Your Business Costing You more than you thinkIs Your Business Costing You more than you thinklearn more

Gross and Net Profit Margins are the measure of any business and key indicators. There is more cost to a business than just paying the rent or mortgage, buying the goods, and raking in the profits.

Operational Analysis of your BusinessOperational Analysis of your Businesslearn more

You can concentrate on just issues that are concerning you. However the recommendation is to review everything your business is doing to see how procedures are being followed. Staff morale, premises, vehicles, marketing are all important issues.

Business Location SuitabilityBusiness Location Suitabilitylearn more

Is your business in the location it needs to be in? Are there premises that could be more effectively located in a cheaper location that is further way, but that could be a more effective use of your funds?  

Staff Distribution Small BusinessStaff Distribution Small Businesslearn more

How many staff do you have? Too many, not enough? Are they in their optimal position? Could their jobs be streamlined, and do you have hidden, unrealised potential within your workforce?

Finding & Keeping CustomersFinding & Keeping Customerslearn more

Customers are the life-blood of any business; if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business the ones you have? “The Profit Doctor” has significant knowledge in these key areas and can improve this area!

Business Planning and EfficiencyBusiness Planning and Efficiencylearn more

Many businesses  roll along without looking at ways to improve what is going on. A “Business Performance Review” by “The Profit Doctor” can save you unnecessary expense and lost income.

Business Risk and Opportunity AnalysisBusiness Risk and Opportunity Analysislearn more

A smart name for not being stupid. Before you start a business, or when you are running one, it is a prudent idea to have a look at the best and worst case scenarios; protect your investment before you start.

Small Business Profit MaximizationSmall Business Profit Maximizationlearn more

“When you Stop living in the Problem, and begin to live in the Solution, the Problem goes away”. A “Business Performance Review” will review every part of your business to see how you can stop living in the problem!

Don't DespairDon't Despairlearn more

Despair is a natural human reaction, so don’t feel alone. The fact that you have discovered a solution at a very affordable cost, is enough to turn despair into Hope.

Small Business AnalystSmall Business Analystlearn more

My business is to see what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and how it can be done better. A “Business Performance Review” aims to increase your Gross Margin by at least 5-10%. 

Discover how “The Profit Doctor” can help you Plan For Success…

If you are running a business,  “The Profit Doctor” can do a “Business Performance Review” to see:

  • What you’re doing
  • How you’re doing it
  • Why you’re doing it
  • How well you’re doing it

And then find ways to increase profit by reducing waste and improving your business efficiency.  

Around 80 out of every 100 Australian Companies do not even have a plan; of the 20 that do, only a few monitor their actual monthly result against what they had planned. If you fail to plan ~ you plan to fail!

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