“OLD HABITS DIE HARD…and your company might die with them…”

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“Old Habits Die Hard….”   

And your company may be dying with them. All too often ‘habit’ means we do things without thought, review or reason. Sometimes the result is fatal ~

  • International design company in Sydney closed last year due to fixed overheads being too high
  • ‘Seaplane’ company in Hobart closed after 3 years after encountering costs some 300% higher than expected.    

old habits die hard                 

A recent experience highlighted how we can improve. I used to carry the pool salt to the car, unload in the garage, carry it upstairs, store it and put in in the pool. Now I stop the car, put it on the garden wall, lift if off and pour it in. A simple example; but it saves me a heap of time and effort.

However, costs being THREE TIMES those expected as with the seaplane company, or going broke due to not reviewing fixed overheads, shows how poor cost control or a lack of planning can cost you more than money.

We’re in a New Financial Year with a lot of  potential problems and opportunities. Act now to review Costs, Income and Planning.

      Get a Professional to check your Business. It’s “A Small Investment for a Big Return”.

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Author: Alan Hider

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