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News ~ The Profit Doctor

News is an important part of keeping you, the Client or potential Client, advised of updates or matters of concern. Until now, that has been largely catered for on facebook. However in order to have tidbits of Business information readily  available, the page will be updated with NEWS items on a regular basis. Naturally, the names are not produced for confidentiality reasons.

Firstly, working with a company in the northern Gold Coast has seen some changes for the better.News ~ The Profit Doctor

There are still things to get done but the location is superb. It is a pleasure to do business with someone dynamic and who has such ambitions for the future. The business is in the booming area of apps and so there is ample room for expansion.

Another enjoyable experience has been saving a company in Ballina at least $30,000 for the coming year. We are in the middle of also working on a revitalised scheduling and efficiency program, and the staff have got totally involved.News ~ The Profit Doctor

As usual, it is the people who do the work who are the best ones to ask when it comes to initiating efficiencies.

It is incredible how lucky I am to be able to go and work in such lovely areas, and help people, and get massive personal satisfaction from doing so.

This is a photo captured near Byron Bay.  I was on the way back from Ballina when the bushfires and burn offs were in the News in AugustNews ~ The Profit Doctor and in full swing. The haze is clear….

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