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Do I Need The Profit Doctor ?

Find out now ~ Do I Need The Profit Doctor? 

  • Are your Costs running away?

  • Do your Sales need a boost?

  • Is your business “Flat-Lining”? 

Discover if you need help; “The Profit Doctor” is a Small Business Planning Consultant with Multi-National Expertise. Do you want to reduce your operating cost or improve efficiency? Need increased Profit? With Fees from $110 an hour you get Professional Advice at the Right Price.

In some cases, ignoring key areas can lead to “Business Heart Failure” with no hope of resuscitation! Is your Business costing you more than you think?One in 5 businesses go broke in Australia each year in the under $50,000 turnover range. Let’s give your business  enduring stability by Planning  for Success! 

Do I need “The Profit Doctor”? Ask yourself the following questions::
  • Would you like an extra 5-10%  in your Bottom Line?do I need the profit doctor
  • Like to Cut fixed and variable costs by careful analysis?
  • Want to gain extra profit, without spending more?
  • Have you enough staff, or too many?


  • Do you have a Business Plan, and do you monitor it?do i need the profit doctor?
  • Profit and loss: do you monitor your position monthly?
  • Stock levels. Do you monitor them regularly?
  • Customers. Do you keep in touch and use new methods to obtain new ones?
  • Marketing. Have you updated your Marketing and Brand Image lately?
If you answered “YES” to the top and “NO” to the lower questions, the likelihood is that your company needs a Professional Review. So don’t delay, call today.
 Services available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Northern Rivers. Fees start from $110 an hour, plus a travel fee dependent upon location. Usually a few hundred dollars gets the job done. Fees are fully tax-deductible.
To see if your business needs “The Profit Doctor”, check the list below. Don’t let complacency lead you down the path to business failure! Fill in the form below and send it, or call now.

“The Profit Doctor”  ~  Small Business PlanningDo I need The Profit doctor ?

“Professional Advice ~ At the right Price….”

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Do I Need "The Profit Doctor"?

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  • If you answered “NO” to TWO OR MORE of these questions, then you need to have a look at how you can improve your business.
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