BUSINESS FALTERING :: ABCC NEEDS TO BE PASSED. Time for politics to be put aside for the good of Australia. BUSINESS FALTERING ~ABCC

The recent election was called using the ABCC as a central measure that had been held up by Labor/grees/Ind. The CFMEU/AWU and others have been found guilty  of obstruction, stand-over and intimidation of Employees and Employers.  Already there are excuses and reasons why this Legislation may suffer from problems. Unfortunately Labor in particular relies on Union contributions to keep it going. Therefore there is a huge incentive to do anything they can to help Unions. Bill Shorten  in particular helped start “GetUp”.  

However, as shown in “The Australian” article reproduced here, Business owners need certainty. My suggestion is for ALL BUSINESS OWNERS TO LOBBY THEIR LOCAL MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT via email, letter, phone calls and visits, to demand that they PUT AUSTRALIA FIRST.

The Time has come to put POLITICS to one side for the good of the Nation.

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