The Profit Doctor ~ Small Business Planning Questions….

Do you have some business questions? 

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  • Do you need to cut costs? Improve Efficiency?The Profit Doctor ~ Business Questions....

  • Increase Profit?

  • Is your business struggling a little? 

  • Would you like to add around 5-10% to the net profit each year?

“The Profit Doctor” offers a unique Personal Service that examines your company to find out what might be wrong, and how it can be cured. If your Business is “Flat-Lining”, then now is the time to get help!The Profit Doctor ~ Business questions

You may have questions about areas that could be “Flat-Lining” your company. These may include:

  • How do I make a Business Plan?

    The Profit Doctor ~ Business Questions....

  • Revenue and operating costs; how do I interpret them?

  • How can I improve the business efficiency?

  • What Staffing levels do I need?

  • Do I need to move Premises to save my business?

  • Sales forecasting ~ what is the best way?

Services available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers. Fees start from $110 an hour, plus a travel fee dependent upon location. Usually a few hundred dollars gets the job done. Fees are fully tax-deductible.

“The Profit Doctor”  ~  Business Consultant and AnalystThe Profit Doctor ~ Business Questions....

“Professional Advice ~ At the right Price….”

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