The Profit Doctor ~ A concise work experience history. So you know who you’re dealing with.

“The Profit Doctor”  is a Business Consultant and Coach with over 40 years of experience in Business. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics, Honours, at Queen Mary College, London University. He will quickly identify problems and fix them. He’ll Boost Sales, Slash Costs, Improve Efficiency, and Skyrocket Profit

  • The Personal Service ensures the efficient operation of your company.
  • Do you have problem areas? “The Profit Doctor” will fix them ~ fast!
  • This action may only require a half-day time frame ~   With Fees from just $80 an hour it is Professional Advice at the Right Price.
  • Gets your “Bottom Line” looking sensational!”                                 

A Brief Business Profile

Recent examples have ~

  • shaved $30,000 per annum off bills,
  • saved a firm from spending $60,000 unnecessarily,
  • showed that the hourly rate for an owner was $19.38 per hour, and helped him make a yearly Plan that enabled staff re-organisation and greater efficiency. It also massively increased the Owner’s hourly rate! 
  • Another review resulted in a delighted United Petrol Station Owner and his letter is shown on other pages.

The $30,000 saved  yearly cost just $630, which was an excellent investment! 

“The Profit Doctor” ~ A Concise Work Experience History

Watney-Mann Brewers (U.K.) –Gilbey International Group ~ Graduate entrant to improve business efficiency 

  • Analyse area Boundaries and Restructure.
  • New Distribution Method involving Cash and Carry introduced.
  • Visit all customers on a regular basis to ensure smooth operation.
  • Resulted in the division earning 70 per cent of the increase in business volume among 8 divisions. 

Rank Xerox (Australia). ~ Financial Analyst in Financial Planning and Analysis group A Brief Business Profile

  • Capital and Facilities Planning Principal Analyst; responsible for moving Warehousing to Melbourne.
  • Lease v Buy analysis Motor Vehicle Fleet. Not adopted at time but now leased. Fleet size reduced from 440 to 400.
  • Discounted Cash Flow Studies for Major Projects to check pay-back compliance period.
  • Preparation of Monthly Profit and loss account projections.
  • Prices Justification Tribunal (P.J.T.) submissions to eradicate loss-making on paper supply sales.
  • Long Range Plan Preparation.
  • Control of Fixed assets Expenditure and writing Procedure Manual. 

Honeywell Computers ~ Senior Financial Planning Analyst “The Profit Doctor” ~ A Brief Business Profile….

  • Group Profit and Loss Forecasting.
  • Forward Planning One and Five Year Plans for USA submission.
  • Sales and Costs forecasting including Sales, Engineering, Personnel, and Accounting Departments.
  • Consolidated Cash Flow forecast to within 10% accuracy per month.
  • Aged debt Analysis and control in conjunction with Accounts Receivable Manager.
  • Inventory Analysis and control to avoid cost-carrying. 

IBM Information Systems (Aust). North Sydney ~ Business Analyst 

  • Re-organisation, identification and control of Equipment in the field.
  • Co-ordination and Design and implementation of Major control System “N.I.P.P.I.” which involved eventually the entire company being able to see results online. This result aided control and planning.
  • Design and re-organisation of overseas ordering system to reduce staff numbers and duplication involved. Also to safeguard “Missing Parts” problems due to multiple overseas location supply functions.
  • A variety of Special Projects undertaken as required. 

Real Estate ~ Licenced Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer A Brief Business Profile

  • Moved to the Gold Coast and undertook a new career.
  • Undertook TAFE courses to become a Licenced Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer
  • Achieved a number of Silver and other awards.
  • Winner of Two “Copywriter of the Year” Awards for Marketing-Advertising. 
  • As Sales Manager and Auctioneer for a major franchise in Coolangatta, he took the company from a position where it had lost money for 10 of the 12 previous months, to one where the company returned to a profitable situationAs “Copywriter of the Year” he has expert knowledge in how to target the Market and improve your Brand Image!

“The Profit Doctor” operates to assist business to survive and prosper in tough times. 

Planning for success

This varied past experience means that “The Profit Doctor” can stop Your Business “Flat-Lining” by eliminating problem areas. In extreme cases, it can help save companies from going bankrupt. 

Services available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers. Fees start from $110 an hour, plus a travel fee dependent upon location. Usually a few hundred dollars gets the job done. Fees are fully tax-deductible.

“The Profit Doctor”  ~  Small Business Planning

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